Why you should move your POS to the iPad

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February 17th, 2015 by Scott

Many business owners are still resistant about moving their point of sale system to the iPad. And so remain the monolithic towers of yesteryear, these sad, overworked beasts, barely hanging on to the last useable sectors of their hard drives. Here are a few reasons you may want to move away from the PC and onto the iPad.


Enhanced Security 

The iPad is a trusted platform in which all applications purchased through the App Store are vetted, and so a high level of security and stability is established. This provides an ideal platform for a point of sale system.

Intuitive Interface

There have been a lot of operating systems designed around touch screens in the past. Most of them have been shouldered into obscurity by Apple’s iOS, and its not just because it looks nice. The way that the system moves and feels provides a top notch experience that is consistent between devices.

Cloud Storage

Several point of sale systems on the iPad offer cloud storage services. If you’re still storing your valuable business data on a local hard drive then I would highly encourage you to move your data to the cloud ASAP. Storage redundancy, physical server security, and large teams of IT staff available to respond to security incidents and APTs are a few of the more obvious reasons for moving to the cloud.

Easy to Upgrade

Upgrading your iPad is just as easy as upgrading your Mac at home. You just throw the old one away and go buy a brand shiny new one! I’m kidding, of course you don’t throw the old one away, but when you do buy a new iPad all you have to do is download your point of sale software from the App Store, log into your account, and you’re back in business. No need to set everything up again if you replace a register or add a new one.

My kids always try to run off with my iPad at home, what if this happens at the store?

We think it’s good that kids like running off with iPads. It showcases how intuitive the interface is. That being said, there are iPad stands available from suppliers such as Heckler Design that will protect your devices in style.


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