Bigcommerce + Zing vs. Shopify


We’ve said it before and we will say it again. If you are combining retail and online sales, there are things you have to keep in mind that 100% online business don’t have to worry about.


Ease of use and built-in tools for inventory and selling are especially important.


In particular, we see a lot of business trying to decide between Shopify’s “all-in-one” solution and the combination of Bigcommerce & Zing. So we put together this quick guide based on the experiences of hundreds of businesses that we have talked to.


Start a 14-day free trial of Zing and another with Bigcommerce to see why they are the easiest way to combine in-store and online.

Bigcommerce + Zing




Bigcommerce: The easiest to use and most feature-rich ecommerce platform on the market

Zing: The most integration-focused cloud retail system available, especially for multi-location businesses

Popular design-focused platform with a built-in mobile iPad POS feature available.

Shopify may have a slight edge on immediate image and setup (for the most basic of shops), but it quickly loses steam 6 months into your business with the lack of built-in retail toolset.

Ease of Setup

The Bigcommerce + Shopify integration makes setup a push of a button. Sharing products, images, customers, and more. The only two-system integration that truly works like one.

Very little additional setup to link online and in store.

Both systems make linking in store and online a quick and seamless experience. Tie.

POS & Checkout experience

Zing was built for in-person customer experiences. The experience is not only fast, but has important built in features like custom item notes, employee tracking, and cash drawer activity.

Shopify iPad app is a reliable, but basic, checkout experience.

We haven’t heard any bug-related complaints about Shopify, but we’ve seen a lot of service-based and other retail businesses outgrow Shopify’s POS capabilities. And the ease-of-use is comparable. Bigcommerce + Zing

Online Marketing

From built-in marketing and SEO tools to account managers who can double your sales revenue — no one can beat Bigcommerce’s marketing assistance.

Shopify has a slightly larger pool of third-party experts than Bigcommerce and has several apps that can be added (pruchased) for more marketing.

You can probably pay extra through Shopify’s partners to get the same amount of marketing service that Bigcommerce provides. But it will be more hassle and cost more money. Bigcommerce + Zing

Optimizing Online Sales

Bigcommerce has several built-in optimizing tools. Cart saver notifies customers who do not finish their checkout, saving 15% of your lost sales.

Like marketing, Shopify has an excellent selection of extra apps to search through for optimizing features.

Once again, Bigcommerce’s built in tools are ready for you as soon as you have tie to use them. Bigcommerce + Zing

Shipping, Accounting, and other integrated tools

Hundreds of integrated opportunities to optimize for your business.

Hundreds of integrated opportunities to optimize for your business.

Both systems have excellent partners and can work with various setups. We think that Bigcommerce is head and shoulders the right option for retail-focused integrations. But overall this is probably a Tie.

Inventory Tracking

Bigcommerce has better management of SKUs, barcodes, and inventory levels. The unlimited and flexible product options/variations work seamlessly with Zing’s flexible product options, too.

Shopify has more limitations on options and variations and can be less flexible. They also use terms that are a little more specific to ecommerce and hard to translate to retail.

This is the #1 reason why Zing chooses Bigcommerce for retail businesses. They allow better inventory tracking for a retail environment. Bigcommerce + Zing

Employee Tracking

Zing’s employee tracking lets you track daily cash and other payment totals, and helps you pay commission or otherwise track individual performance.

Shopify’s POS was not built for full retail focus and has “users”, but nothing close to true employee tracking.

Zing’s roots as a company are in retail functionality. Bigcommerce + Zing

Services & Custom Product

Zing’s POS allows for a lot of custom changes or notation at the time of transactions. From routine discounts and returns to custom notes for specialty businesses and service-based businesses.

Shopify has an easy to use return system, but very little in the way of custom note taking or adjustments at time of transaction/return.

Custom checkout and note tracking features are the most comon reason we see retail businesses leave Shopify. They simply don’t have the flexible tools set necessary. Bigcommerce + Zing

Accepting Credit Cards

Bigcommerce and Zing share several payment partners. And with the addition of extra gateways, they can attach to almost any processor you choose.

Shopify has a lot of options, but they try to get you to use their processing and avoid their partners.

Both systems make credit cards very easy and all your money ends up in the same place for accounting. This one is close to call, but Shopify’s pushiness to use their payment system barely pushed Bigcommerce + Zing into the lead.

Design and Aesthetics

In 2014 Bigcommerce added dozens of new and popular designs for the website. And in the same year Zing released a new design for the BackOffice and iPad app.

Shopify has always been a design-focused company with reliable templates and design experts.

In early 2014 this would have gone to Shopify for both online and POS. However, improvements by Bigcommerce and Zing have caught up without adding any extra cost for businesses. So today, this is a Tie.


24/7 email, chat, and phone support

24/7 email, chat, and phone support



Zing and Bigcommerce have the best two-company integrated solution for retail and online businesses. The combination of detailed inventory-tracking, rich in-store features, and tools designed for growth make this an excellent all around solution.

A popular and reliable product, great for quick attractive designs and an occasional in person transaction. Tools and features are limited for growing businesses.

Most businesses want to grow. A lot of online businesses grow faster than they expect. And a lot of first-time retail businesses think that processes will be easier than they are. We have seen hundreds of businesses outgrow simple software. Bigcommerce and Zing make ease-of-use a priority, making them a standout partner for almost any business that combines in-person and online sales.

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